The Pilgrims

Server: Hyrkania
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Guild raid locations: Black Ring Citadel Wing 1 1/5  Black Ring Citadel Wing 2 3/3  Black Ring Citadel Wing 3 1/3 

Guild Events

Event IDTime SubmittedSubmitted ByDescription
218409.12.2010 23:57:39Cuval9-12-10 T3 Brothers and Hathor-KaView
218009.12.2010 00:13:14Cuval08-12-10 BRC Wing 2 + 1st boss wing 3View
216803.12.2010 11:42:13CuvalBRC Wing 2 and 1st boss Wing 3View
198010.09.2010 00:08:52CuvalTAS new group first try at brothersView
197909.09.2010 22:24:41CuvalWing 3 BRCView
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