The Twelve Knights

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Guild Events

Event IDTime SubmittedSubmitted ByDescription
215827.11.2010 01:36:34waylanderAF RunView
210506.11.2010 01:18:17waylanderOynx Guild RunView
210406.11.2010 01:11:10waylanderGuild Onyx RaidView
204213.10.2010 23:53:17waylanderMini Onyx RaidView
203713.10.2010 20:30:25waylanderAtzels Fortress with 2 pickupsView
202607.10.2010 20:26:10waylanderFailed Xiba RunView
201804.10.2010 00:35:30waylanderAtzels RunView
201702.10.2010 00:22:01waylanderXiba RunView
200827.09.2010 21:26:20ThagirionXiba RunView
200625.09.2010 00:56:25waylanderXiba RunView
199922.09.2010 00:06:34waylanderOynx RaidView
199317.09.2010 23:14:16waylanderonyx run - 13/09/10View
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