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Halls of Valhalla

Server: Wiccana
Guild website:
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Guild raid locations: Black Ring Citadel Wing 1 2/5  Black Ring Citadel Wing 3 1/3  Kyllikki’s Crypt 2/2  Vistrix’s Lair 1/1 

Guild Events

Event IDTime SubmittedSubmitted ByDescription
255808.07.2011 03:31:37starfletchersdfsdfView
254401.07.2011 13:06:50starfletcher0629 3Bros-HKView
254201.07.2011 12:53:17starfletcher0629 T2 W1 OpenView
253829.06.2011 10:45:09starfletcher0623 T3 HK-ArbanusView
253729.06.2011 10:41:33starfletcher0623 T2 W1 Shard RunView
253629.06.2011 05:44:43starfletcher0628 VistrixView
253529.06.2011 05:43:01starfletcher0628 YakmarView
253429.06.2011 05:40:24starfletcher0628 KyllikiView
252928.06.2011 08:35:16starfletcher0626 T2 W3 CraftingView
252828.06.2011 08:29:55starfletcher0626 T2 W1 CloseView
252224.06.2011 12:24:26starfletcher0322 KyllikiView
252124.06.2011 12:17:15starfletcher0316 T2 AthyrBastView
This list of events is updated every 15minutes

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