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Server: Aquilonia
Guild website:
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Guild raid locations: Black Ring Citadel Wing 1 4/5  Black Ring Citadel Wing 2 3/3  Black Ring Citadel Wing 3 1/3  Kyllikki’s Crypt 2/2  Vistrix’s Lair 1/1 

Guild Events

Event IDTime SubmittedSubmitted ByDescription
144606.11.2009 19:08:18Maggie[LPTC]Wing 3View
125402.10.2009 00:07:30twit091001 BRC Wing 3View
125302.10.2009 00:01:06twit090929 BRC Wing 1+2View
21426.03.2009 23:04:26twit090326 BRC Wing 1View
20725.03.2009 00:37:02twit090324 All T1View
17922.03.2009 00:37:56twit090321 BRC Wing 2View
17320.03.2009 00:58:38twit090319 BRC Wing 1View
15317.03.2009 22:34:10twit090317 Vistrix + YakhmarView
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