The Revolutionists

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Guild raid locations: Kyllikki’s Crypt 2/2  Vistrix’s Lair 1/1 

Guild Events

Event IDTime SubmittedSubmitted ByDescription
38928.04.2009 22:59:52haruhiKylliki 28/04/2009View
38828.04.2009 22:58:08haruhiYakhmar 28/04/2009 (no MT stats tho)View
35122.04.2009 23:31:24ManchuVistrix 22.04.2009 took waaay too longView
34821.04.2009 22:55:35ManchuYakhmar 21.04.2009View
34721.04.2009 22:08:26ManchuKylikki 21.04.2009View
34621.04.2009 18:16:30ManchuKylikki 07.04.09View
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